It’s like the old ‘who would you like to be stuck in a lift with?’ question. I always thought that my ideal fellow prisoner would be practical (ideally able to repair a lift…), unflappable in a crisis, but with a great sense of humour and a few good tales to tell to keep things entertaining!

This isn’t too different to my ideal profile for a Challenge Chum and few fit the bill quite so well as Mr Mark Beaumont. This Scottish adventurer circumnavigated the entire globe on a bike, and seems like the ultimate Chum to me! We’re so proud and honoured to have Mark endorsing Challenge Chum, this is what he had to say just after we launched the site at the start of this year:

“Just heard about Challenge Chum – a grand idea, so if you are sitting there looking for a challenge or to buddy up for an epic adventure, check it out. It’s non-for-profit so won’t be asking you for your credit card details!!”

Between July-September 2018, Mark is embarking on a Record Breaking quest to cycle around the world in 80 days ( Please show him all of the support you can and tweet him @MrMarkBeaumont along the way to help him achieve this gruelling challenge.

Take a look at the challenges on offer, and get in touch with the organiser if you’re keen. Who knows – you might end up Chumming Mark on one of his next great adventures!