Not all playing fields are equal – and this is something that a determined bunch of women set out to demonstrate last month by grabbing themselves a Guinness World Record on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Women with altitude

The Equal Playing Field expedition was an all-female endeavour to play the world’s highest ever football match, which took place in a volcanic crater at 5714m near the summit of Africa’s tallest mountain. Leader Laura Youngson built a 60-strong squad from across the globe to form teams Volcano FC and Glacier FC – and listing on Challenge Chum was one of her chosen recruitment methods!

Your brain says sprint…

“It was incredible to play in this match of a lifetime, but the conditions made it tough. Your football brain says sprint, but your body has to take time to recover and take in as much oxygen as possible” Laura told us. “The game was more competitive than we thought it would be. After a check-in with the doctor at the 10-minute mark to make sure we were OK, everyone played their hearts out. When the final whistle blew, we were just ecstatic. We’d all trained so hard for this moment and it paid off.

After the match, summoning what little energy they had left, the team went on to summit the mountain. The feat was intended to highlight the inequalities faced by women in sport and beyond. Equal Playing Field seeks to change the reality that females across the planet have personal mountains to climb each and every day.

The all-female record breakers represented countries as diverse as Argentina, Afghanistan, Nepal and of course Tanzania, and as they return to their various corners of the world, we’re sure that this challenge of a lifetime will keep them united as chums for years to come.

They’re yet to announce their next challenge, but we can’t wait to see what’s next for Equal Playing Field! You can keep up to date by checking their Facebook page or website.