Mollie Pearse is now a firm believer in visualisation. Now, that was not necessarily the case when her triathlon journey started a few years ago. She was in ‘The Ship’ (an infamously boozy pub in SW London) with a couple of friends and at the bottom of a few bottles of red wine when they collectively decided to sign up to a half ironman, in Budapest.

Sure, they thought Budapest was a great location for a weekend away but they knew absolutely nothing about triathlon. Mollie was just about to go in for knee surgery at the time and three years later and this October (2018), she found herself competing as part of the GB age squad in the European championships in Ibiza.

Training for and racing in Budapest, she definitely got the triathlon bug and after that first race she quietly told herself that she would race in a GB tri-suit at some stage. Now, being the impatient person that she is, Mollie had intended that to be the following year, only she knew nothing about the qualification protocol and so when she realised her Budapest time would have qualified her for the team it was too late, the cut-off deadline had been missed.

This was when she decided to start to take triathlon seriously, she got a coach, worked to a training schedule rather than training herself to exhaustion and started to notice great improvements in her times. In her mind, the dream she had visioned was getting closer and told herself that 2017 was going to be the season to qualify.

Mollie had two races in Europe and two good chances of a team slot in 2017, in Mallorca she got heat stroke and Switzerland had three punctures, which both resulted in a ‘DNF’. Mollie was absolutely crushed and couldn’t help but feel all the training had gone to waste, or had it?¬†What that disastrous season taught her was the importance of enjoyment. Her hobby is triathlon, it is not her job and she had lost complete sight of that.

Come 2018, Mollie was back in the saddle racing for the love of the challenge and in her first race of the 2018 season (the Marbella Ironman 70.3) she finished as the first Brit in her age group and with that performance had qualified for the European Triathlon Champs. Mollie was going to Ibiza and had earned the right to be racing with her name on her kit!

Throughout all of the triathlon trials and tribulations over the last few years, the message from Mollie is “whatever your goal, visualise it, focus on it and train towards it. It may not happen within the timeframe you set, but if you keep it in sight the I guarantee you will achieve it”

You can follow Mollie’s training progress and triathlon comps on her website, Instagram: @molliep123 or twitter: @molliepearse. Go smash it up in 2019 Mollie, we look forward to cheering you along the way!