1st September 2017 - 30th September 2017
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Commit to a running streak with me! I intend to run every day in September 2017. There’s no stipulation on how far you run, or the speed you do it at…you decide.

All I ask is that you commit to run every day in September! Make it a part of your daily routine. I’ve done monthly run streaks before and there are plenty of people who run every day for longer that 1 month.

From experience, running every day will boost your running fitness and give you an amazing spring board to improve your fitness.

If you’re unsure how it will work, or if you’re worried about injury, here’s my plan. I’ll run my usual runs each week, which tends to be a 3 mile, a 5 mile and a longer one. On the days I might now usually run, I’ll have an ‘active rest day’ by slowly running 1 mile. You could do more or less than this on your active rest days, depending on your other lifestyle commitments, or your level of fitness.

I used my active rest days last time, to get my younger kids running, which did force me to run slowly and they were great company! They ended up training up to 5k distance and entering a Santa Dash 5k last year and now they run parkrun every Saturday with my older two and my husband.

All you need to do is run every day. Some days will be tough, some days won’t have enough hours in them (get out of bed 15 minutes earlier and commit to that mile!) and you might find yourself running in obscure places just to fit it in!

Embrace the challenge…join me!

I’ll set up a Strava group, September Streaking (run every day September), hope you’ll find me there.

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