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Hi Chums,

We are really proud of the adventures and challenges we have helped our Chums achieve and the like minded people we’ve connected since Challenge Chum was born in 2017 but as you may have already heard, we’re turning our focus slightly for the year ahead.

Now we’ve grown out of our baby nappies and are a fully fledged toddler, we want to make 2019 our most impactful year yet and we’re looking to connect more adventurers and challenge goer’s than ever before.

To achieve this, we’re shifting focus to our home shores and moving forwards Challenge Chum will be solely dedicated to connecting individuals living the UK, to take on challenges based in and around the British Isles.



We’ve loved having an international mix to our challenges so far, but to become the full adventure resource we believe CC can be, we want to develop a significant community of Chums in close proximity to each other to make it easy for everyone to meet up before they embark on their challenges together. We also want to build a comprehensive set of challenges in a smaller geographical spread to keep everyone busy and inspired.

Our dream is that CC becomes a place where everyone who visits us, leaves inspired with challenge ideas and like minded connections and have the confidence to make those dreams and ideas become a reality. We want to turn those fleeting browses on the old mega-web into a real life adventure you can tell the grandkids one day.

To do this we’ve realised the importance of building key Chum communities in specific regions and comprehensive challenge lists for these areas, this way when you come looking we’ve got the goods!

Our long term vision is to make CC a truly world-wide resource and build a global community. But to make sure we’ve got enough ‘Adventure-Food’ on hand to make us a valuable resource we need to build region by region so we’ll be focussing on our UK roots for the time being.


Help us?

We’d love to thank everyone that has supported us so far and if you love our site and would like to be part of our next phase there’s plenty of ways you can help:

  • List a UK Challenge

If you’ve got an idea, perhaps a New Year’s resolution, then DO NOT HESITATE to visit our ‘List a Challenge’ section today and let us help you find the chums you need.

  • Join a Challenge

Have a look at the challenges listed across the site and get involved with one you fancy, your year of adventure starts here.

  • Tell us about your adventures

Hearing about the success of others is what kicks a lot of us into action to pursue our own dreams, we want to litter this blog section with stories from you guys who are out there ticking off bucket lists. If you’ve taken on a challenge in the last year and have a story to tell, please send it to us at so we can fuel the herd with inspiration!

  • Help us with CC Website

If you’ve got an interest and/or expertise in blog writing, social media marketing or website development and have some good ideas to offer and want a very worthwhile project of passion to get involved with, we’d love to hear from you at

  • Tell us about any events which might interest other Chums

As well as connecting you guys to one another, we’re here to play a key part in the UK’s adventure community and love raising awareness of organised events and challenges around the country, if you know of one which might be of interest to our community please send us the details and we’ll be happy to promote it to our audience.

  • Follow us on Facebook / Instagram

Stay up to date with our our latest challenges as they get listed and promote them across your own social media sites while we also keep you pumped with stories of epic adventures we hear of.


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