We had the team, the kit and the enthusiasm to embark upon the 24 hour 3 Peaks Challenge but we were missing one vital ingredient to help us conquer Britain’s three highest peaks…the driver! After having no luck with asking friends, family and colleagues to transport us between the mountains, the three of us thought we were going to have to cancel our 3 Peaks Challenge.

We were on the one week countdown when one of the girls decided to search on Gumtree for a driver who would be willing to take us and low and behold we managed to find the legend Gumtree Paul!

Before we knew it we were starting up Ben Nevis at 4.35pm on the 9th of September and got up in the light and down in the dark in good time whilst Gumtree Paul waited for us at the bottom with a nice warm cuppa.  He got us to Scafell in good time and without much sleep we started the ascent at 2.42am the next morning. The adventure up Scafell in the dark was amazing as there were a few other groups heading up the mountain that morning and everyone looked like glow in the dark ants with their headlamps shining bright blazing a trail on their way up the mountain.

We made it up and down Scafell with time to spare and although we were all pretty knackered and our legs had started to cease up, the main thing was that we were Snowdon bound. We started trekking up Snowdon at 11.19am with the hoards of Sunday walkers and we were up and down by just after 2pm. We managed to complete the challenge and have a bottle of Champers and Sunday roast all within the 24 hours before Gumtree Paul got us safely back to the homeland.

Although we managed to find Gumtree Paul, he didn’t come cheap! When I start arranging my next challenge, I will definitely be using Challenge Chum to find drivers, navigators, support crew and chums to join me along the way, it’s a fantastic opportunity to find amazing people to help you achieve brilliant things together!

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